Below is a list of some of the services we provide, if you have any questions about any of them please contact us.

Fiberglass & Plastics

  • Mold fabrication for custom parts.
  • Repairs or modifications of hull, deck or interiors.
  • Rudder construction.
  • Work with Acrylic, Polymer and Polycarbonate
  • Custom polymer wash-boards
  • New hatch installation in foredeck
  • Hull deck joint reinforced fiberglass
  • Marine muffer Fiberglass FRP In Progress
  • Marine Muffler FRP Fiberglass In progress


  • Bespoke Cabinetry
  • Repairs & Modifications of interior and exterior woodwork.
  • Teak deck replacement and repairs.
  • Teak grating
  • Toerails & Rubrails.
  • Custom Carving: Nameboards, Hail ports.
  • custom yacht interior finish varnish teak
  • custom yacht interior, teak varnish
  • custom teak table yacht interior
  • custom teak sole, yacht interior, teak steps
  • red cedar closet interior, custom yacht finsh
  • custom teak cabinetry, yacht finish varnnish doors
  • Compass custom teak storage, cockpit

Splicing, Rope-work and Basic Rigging

  • Eye splicing, Endless loop splices
  • By Special Request:
    • Fancy knot & ropework
    • Handles and Ditty Bags
  • Rigging Yacht Pula, HR
  • Rigging tools splice
  • Rigging Ropework Spice Tools Sailmaker's Palm Fid
  • Ropework handle knots

Consultation & Coaching

  • Drawing on over 30 years of boatbuilding, shipwright and sailing experience to help resolve issues or improve your vessel.  
  • Assistance with a new boat? 
  • A refresher on some sailing skills? 
  • Get to know your boat and make the most of your boating experience.  
  • Customization Details yacht  specialty
  • Sailing Yachting BVI Coaching Training


  • Specialized in old-school varnish application.
  • Interior and exterior varnish work.
  • From bare wood or maintenance coats
  • Brightwork in progress Teak Toerail
  • Varnish Brightwork Teak Washboards
  • Varnish Brightwork toerail Teak
  • Varnish Brightwork interior finish